Here I am World.

Okay everybody, listen up. Here it is. This is it: my first blog posting. I am dipping my toes into the blogosphere. God I hope that's the right use of "blogosphere" or I'm going to look like a virtual idiot. But that's beside the point. The point is this: I don't facebook, I only vaguely understand what twitter is, I even struggle on occassion with cell phones. I'm a photographer. But today I'm taking a flying leap into 20th century technology and starting my blog. Well, to be fair it's not really my blog. It's the Hired Lens Photography Blog.

Anyway. Here I am world (see picture, that's me). This blog will feature periodic postings about my photography, a few comical anecdotes, maybe a how-to thing here and there, and hopefully invitations to a bunch of new gallery hangings I'm lining up for the next few months. So keep checking back. Feed me to your RSS thingy-ma-bob, whatever that means. You can't ignore me now. Hired Lens Photography has gone GLOBAL. Keep it real out there world. (exit stage left, crickets chirping.)