Harvest Season.


Talk of harvest season always conjures up images of fresh-cut hay and yellow-tassled corn and old tractors chugging across frosty autumn fields. That sort of thing. Well it's my harvest season too, in a way. It's been cold and rainy all day, so I'm sitting inside this eveing drinking a cup of mint tea and processing all my backlogged photos; turning RAW camera files into real, usable photos. I'm catching up on all the things I shot over the summer and haven't yet touched. They're all photos I shot for myself and, since no ones paying for them, there's been no rush to get them finished up. "No rush" usually means they sit around for a ridiculously long time before I finally just delete them. But today I'm actually doing something with them, I'm harvesting my summer photos. They've been waiting patiently for an evening like this and now I'm reaping what I sowed. And taking a nice little saunter down memory lane while I'm at it.

This summer was all about food. It was the first summer Sarah and I had a big garden, the first summer we had a CSA share. It was the first year I really thought about where my food comes from. And when I think about something a lot I usually take a lot of pictures of it. Over the last several months I've spent time on a lot of different farms, including my Grandma's land in southwestern Wisconsin. I've learned more about chickens and livestock and crops and vegetables than I ever planned. And I have more farming related pictures than I know what to do with. So, here are just a few of the best: