For anyone out there who hasn't been paying attention, it is now winter. Got that reminder from Mother Nature this morning when I got stuck in the ditch. Not in a car though, just walking.

I saw this frosty spool of barbed wire on a fence post by the side of the road this morning and stopped to take a photo. Stepped off the road to get closer and discovered that the ditch was full of snow. And I'm talking full here, waist deep. Do you know hard it is to walk in waist-deep snow? Really hard. I couldn't lift my leg high enough to get above the snow and make a new post hole to keep walking and I could turn around enough to go back up the other side. I was stuck down there for about 5 minutes thrashing and wallowing around. A guy driving past actually stopped his car to ask if I needed help. I wish someone had been filming me, it must have been hilarious. Got a nice photo out of it though. I really like the hint of pink in the sky. I'm glad I stopped.

I'm also glad I got the last kayaking photos of the year out of the way a couple weeks ago. The last shoot was for a national magazine (can't show it here until it runs in print, but check back for that later this winter). I eeked it in right before the real ice. It's a photo of Gail Green, owner of Living Adventure Inc., a really great guiding service just outside of Bayfield. Ended up floating in a dry suit in the lake before the sun came up to get a photo right around dawn, great images though. Can't wait to see them in print. I hope they run it big (insert crossed fingers here).

Next up, flying to Naples, Florida, for two days at the end of this week. Portraits and an interview for another magazine article. Never been to Florida before. Always an adventure. Stay tuned.