Let the Games Begin.

In a celebration of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, Stage North organized a torch relay from Ashland to Washburn on Friday afternoon and I was asked to grab a few photos of the event for posterity. It was really quite the undertaking. More than 30 runners took turns carrying the torch for legs of the relay which ended in front of Stage North. There an Olympic Caldron (AKA a weber grill full of lighter fluid on a 12 foot pudium) stood waiting to be lit. After ceremoniously setting that ablaze (with out any of the technical difficulties experienced in Vancouver), everyone went inside to watch the "Official" Opening Ceremonies on the big screen in the theatre.

And like any worthwhile athletic pursuit, the event was followed by a party at the bar complete with spinning records and heavy drinking. Behold the incredible power of the Olympiad to inspire us all to greatness.