The Daily Press-Day in the Life Project.

On February 17th the Ashland Daily Press did a project called a "Day in the Life". The idea is to have 24 hours of coverage that day. Teams of reporters and photographers canvas the community collecting stories and images from everyday life on that day in history. Eventually, the results are published in several consecutive weekend editions of the paper and then collected in a bound book. They do this every ten years. It's pretty cool to look back at past editions and get a snapshot of life in Ashland in 2001 and 1991. People dressed weird back then, good thing we're all normal now right?

Anyway, the Press hired me out for a 12 hour shift on the 17th. I was on with reporter Daniel Kaeding from midnight until noon shooting photos to go along with Daniel's interviews. And let me tell you there are some characters out in the middle of the night. In all honesty though, we met some really cool people. Long story short, there is way more going on in the middle of the night than I ever realized. I can't tell you much more than that until our section runs in the paper, but make sure to pick up the special editions of the Daily Press on March 19, 26, and April 2. I can promise you there's going to be some cool stuff in there.

As a little teaser, Claire Duquette, editor of the Ashland Daily Press, is letting me a run a couple images here on the blog. This was our first stop of the night after leaving the Daily Press Office. We didn't make it far, just down the hall in fact. This is the night shift team in the newspaper's press room, printing the papers for February 17. They scramble in the middle of the night to get the news off the press and bundled so the delivery guys can have it on your doorstep bright and early. Just a few of the people working through the wee hours of the night to make your morning a little better. Check out more on March 19 when the first special edition hits the racks.