A food photography showcase.

Taste. Issue 1:

Food photography is complicated. It’s more than just taking snapshots. Great food photography is an art; it captures all the subtleties of a dish. It combines texture, form, and color to create tantalizing images that grab a viewers attention. Any great chef will tell you that plating and presentation— the visual aspects of a meal— are a key component to success.


The web is cool. It's fast. It's convenient. Plus, they tell me it's very "hip" with the kids these days. But it's still not the same as print-- real live ink on paper. I love print. I love the colors, the texture of the paper. I love the smell. There's a permanence to print that the web will never have. Print lives on your coffee table, on your night stand, in the basket next to the toilet. It waits with you during a long layover at the airport in Newark, New Jersey. That's why I'm starting to publish some work through MagCloud. This one is mostly for promotional purposes, but keep an eye out for some other more "artsy" offerings in the near future, including a special edition magazine release of my black and white series, {Body}, that was on display at StageNorth last year. Alright, keep it real out there people.