August. The first half.

Another crazy month, another random sampling of images from recent shoots. I've had a little more interest in some of my wildlife work lately, so I've been keeping an eye out for a few more opportunities in that category (i.e. Bald eagles carrying fish and that sort of thing, a "right place at the right time" kind of shot that I caught last week during lunch). This month has been insane though. All over the map literally and figuratively. In between shoots, I'm also pulling together a calendar for a handful of photography workshops that I'll be teaching in the fall. Watch for the schedule to be posted here in the next few weeks and sign up early, the classes fill really fast.

This shoot was a major flash back to working for newspapers, something I used to do more of a few years back. The client needed an environmental portrait of Dr. Nehring, a dentist in Mercer, Wisconsin, but he's super-busy this time of year and only had about 10 minutes in the middle of a day to give us a photo op. That's tight, but doable. So I got everything set up for a shoot in this operatory while he finished a root canal in the room next door. I even had someone else sit in for a few test shots to make sure everything was dialed in. Once Dr. Nehring was finished next door he popped in smiled and we got the shot in a few frames (turns out dentists are pretty good at turning on the smile, didn't need much direction on that). Nice and quick. He was already back in gloves and a mask before I was out the door with my lights. Surgical strike photography. It took about five times as long to get there and back as it did to shoot, and we came away with a great image. Thanks to Charmaine and Jess, who both helped put this one together.

And another shot from a night at the Big Top Chautauqua. This is from the house show "Ladies of the Canyon." Four lovely ladies and the Blue Canvas Orchestra performing the music of Joni Mitchell, Mama Cass, Carli Simon and others. Pretty amazing. Next up, senior portraits. Lots of 'em. Watch for more.