Holy Sh*t, it's September.

Can you believe this, people: it's September. This weekend is frickin' Labor Day. LABOR DAY. That's the end. Finito. Done. Summer=Over. What the hell happened? Wasn't it June 1st like three and half days ago or something? Where did it go? Rough estimate, I only did 2.83% of the things I wanted to do this summer. I'm no math-stronaut, but I can tell you those odds aren't very good. Here-to-fore, I am annexing September into the canon of summer months. June, July, August, September. There, more summer. That feels better. Your welcome, everyone. Enjoy.

P.S. The little fellow up top has been hanging out on our window screens the last couple nights. I like him. I've named him Renaldo. The photo was taken at night using two headlamps from opposing angles. Same thing with the wasps below. Except they don't have names. I don't like them.