The Lakes Community Health Center

I did some more work this week for the good people at the Lakes Community Health Center. These shoots are always great. Nice people to work with, interesting settings. But the challenge is always the same: working in a really small room. Dental and medical exam rooms are not really designed for photography. They're small and they're full of really shiny surfaces that glare and bounce light in all the wrong ways. These rooms are designed for medicine, which makes sense since that's what they're used for 99.72% of the time, but that means that the .28% of the time that I'm working in them is pretty tricky. I usually end up cramming myself into one corner, filling another corner with lighting equipment, and then telling people "just act natural." Not exactly easy to do when your in a room full of blinking lights and there's a strange man cowering the corner brandishing a camera. Still, we always come away with some great images. Watch for more as the winter goes on.