Wood Spirit Gallery.

I'm just finishing the editing on a new batch of photos I shot for Wood Spirit Gallery a couple weeks ago. April and Jarrod are making some really beautiful things using some very traditional methods. As always, the really fun part of this job is talking to people and learning about what they do. I learned a ton during this shoot just by watching them work. For example, Jarrod uses a pole lathe to make bowls. It's an ancient technique that dates back to the 9th century (maybe earlier) when the Vikings were using it to make ale bowls. I understood the basic concept of this tool before this shoot, but this was the first time I'd actually seen one in use. And let me say it's a cool system. Very simple, but effective, especially with an artisan like Jarrod at the treadle. Check out their site for more info about what they make. And stay tuned for some more interesting photos in the next couple weeks.