I had a little time yesterday afternoon to get out the old camera, slap on a macro lens and putter around in the yard for a while. It's a pretty sweet time of year to be out, lots of great things in bloom, and this is probably my last chance to play around for a while. July (which for your information starts THIS Friday. Holy Crap) is shaping up to be a ridiculously busy month with shoots scheduled in Michigan and Georgia along with a couple really cool projects in the Washburn area. Watch for some sweet new posts mid-month. Now I'm not saying anything more. You can't make me. You'll just have to check back and see for yourself. Gooooo, Summer!

Back to my roots.

Got to spend some time out in the yard this afternoon messing around with taking some macro shots. They weren't for a client or a potential client or anything else; they were just for me (and now, I guess, you if you're reading this). I was just looking at something that I thought was interesting and trying to capture it, freeze it so I can return to that moment time and again. I was doing a lot more of this kind of personal shooting a couple years ago and it was nice to get back to it, for an afternoon anyway. This is the kind of shooting that got me into photography in the first place. I've always loved shooting nature photos, wildlife, bugs, all that sort of thing. Especially macro shots like this. As I developed as a photographer I slowly started to like working with people more and more. And now I work with people almost exclusively. Not that working with people isn't great, I love it. But it's different. It's complex and rewarding and exhausting and stressful and inspiring (and it pays a whole lot better) all at the same time. But after a few chaotic weekends of weddings and small portrait assignments it's good to take a step back and remember why I started doing this in the first place: because it's fun. Here's to fun.