Fall Sunlight.


It was another perfect fall weekend here in Northern Wisconsin and I managed to get out to shoot some more photos just for fun. I'm loving this beautiful fall sunlight. I've been playing with backlighting things a lot lately, I really like how it reveals shape. It's amazing what light can do, how it shapes our perception of the things around us. Try looking at something with light hitting it from the front. Now move 180 degrees to put the light directly behind it. It's amazing how much it changes, sometimes it looks like a completely different thing. Maybe I'm just simple minded, but I think it's incredible. Stay tuned for more.

Home...for a minute.

Well, I'm back from my trip out to the East Coast. Above you'll see my toes enjoying the Atlantic Ocean just outside of Portland, Maine. Great trip. Met some cool people, got some good photos. I could spend a lot more time exploring that area someday. I'm back in Washburn for a few days before I'm off to Michigan next week for more photos and interviews. I'm not even going to unpack most of my stuff, just leave it all in the cases ready to go. After the week in Michigan I'll be back home for a little while. Travelling is fun, but it'll also be nice to be home for a while.