Back Home.

Wow. It's been a busy couple weeks. But I'm home again from shoots in Georgia and then Michigan. Here's a random sampling of images from the last couple weeks. Some catalogue photos, some portraits sessions, and finally some dive photos on a couple of shipwrecks in Lake Huron. All in all a pretty random assortment of shoots, but what is it that they say about variety being spicy? Or is it life that's spicy. I always forget. You get the idea. Either way, I love this job. Stay tuned for more.

On the Road.

Everything's packed up and ready to go for a whirl-wind tour of the west coast (even remembered to clean out the office coffee pot this time, see Coffee Vs. Time). I'm on the road until next Wednesday doing shoots in California, Washington and Oregon. I'm pretty excited, this loop should hit some really iconic places and I'm meeting up with some cool people along the way. I don't want to give away too much, but this trip may involve a helicopter ride if I'm lucky (I probably just jinxed it by saying that, but I'm too excited to keep it to myself). Keep an eye out for some rockin' new photos next week. Take it easy out there people.

Coffee vs. Time.


This is why one must always remember to empty the office coffee pot before travelling for two weeks. When I was getting ready to leave, I went over my packing lists again and again. I packed lenses, checked my memory cards, charged batteries, counted out clean socks. I had everything. I was ready. But there was still that nagging feeling that I had forgotten to do something. What was it? What did I forget to do?...Oh.

Hmmm, so it goes. I decided to go out for coffee this morning. Other than that the trips were great and now I'm back on my home turf processing everything from the road. And cleaning the coffee pot...