The Old Man.

That, my friends and dedicated readers, is the old man. My dad. He's a wily old rascal. And today is his last day of work. Ever. After careers as a teacher, a tech guy, and eventually as a tech guy for teachers, he's on to the next great adventure: retirement. Totally. Awesome. I must admit, I'm more than a little jealous. In between some serious uninterrupted swathes of tinkering time and pursuing his life-long hobby of attempting to sail literally anything that floats, he and Mom already have several trips planned. That's the big thing I suppose: it's not just the old man, they're both retired now. My mom retired a few years ago...sort of. She got antsy though and went back to work again part time, but this time I think they're both going to take it a little more seriously, really buckle down and be retired. And they ought to, they've earned it. Congratulations Mom and Dad.