It's time to drive through the UP of Michigan to visit family for the Holidays, which can mean only one thing: an epic snow storm. Epic. This happens every time we try to drive across the UP. I'm convinced that even if you drive through the UP in the middle of summer you would still hit a snow storm at some point. I'm also convinced that some fraternal order of map-makers got together at some point and decided not to draw the UP to scale on maps. You look at it on paper and think "Oh, that's not so far, that shouldn't take long at all. No problem." Then two days later when your still driving, desperately peering through the windshield (half covered in snow) to catch even a fleeting glimpse of the Mackinaw Bridge up ahead, you start quietly cursing the cartographer who made this seem possible. I suspect it has some thing to do with the MI tourism board. If people knew the true size of the UP, they'd never try to cross it and eventually the whole region would be completely abandoned. Anyway, that aside, I'm looking forward to a whole week off for the holiday. Just eating and sitting around and eating some more. Should be grand. I hope I can still fit in the car for the ride back. Wish me luck.