Well, I did it. I took a flying leap into the fast-paced world of something called "social media" and started a Hired Lens Photography page on Facebook. Have you heard of Facebook? Apparently, it's kind of a big deal with the kids these days. Who knew? Anyway, if you happen to be on the cutting edge of technology, like myself, you can sign in and "Like" the Hired Lens Photography page. Then you'll get posts about shoots, sales and promotional events (I have a couple cool ideas up my sleeve for the new year that you're not going to want to miss), and you can get stirring updates about what I happen to be doing at any moment in time like "Hired Lens Photography is now drinking coffee." Or "Hired Lens Photography is cleaning his camera." Or "Hired Lens Photography is wrestling an alligator. And losing." All likely scenarios. Alright everyone, now get out there and "Like" me. Here's that link again: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hired-Lens-Photography/183620948316362