Winter Senior Portraits or "How to be cooler than everyone else in your senior class."

Okay, everyone knows that you get your senior portraits shot during the summer (or maybe the fall, if you put it off all summer and then need to squeeze it in last minute before the photo deadline). But why? Is summer everyone's favorite season? Probably not. There must be a current high school junior out there somewhere who loves winter. Then why not get your senior portrait taken in winter? Are you a skier, a snowboarder, a snowmobiler? Do you just have a totally kick-ass winter wardrobe that makes you look awesome in the snow? Whatever the reason give me a call. I've been eye-balling some great places to shoot portraits in the winter, all I need is a few subjects. Book a shoot before February 28, and get 10% off the package price. This is the perfect way to set yourself apart. Do something different. Isn't that the whole idea anyway?