New Year.


It's 2011 and I've already had the first shoot of the new year. Got a call from my friend Joe at Mt. Ashwabay Ski and Recreation Area on New Years day asking if I could shoot some promotional photos the next morning. (Sidenote: I'd never been out on their cross-country ski trails before. If you nordic or skate ski check it out- great terrain, well-groomed, no crowds.) The morning of the 2nd turned out to be a beautiful morning, but ridiculously cold. The autofocus motor in one of the lenses actually froze solid. Had to stick it inside my coat until it started moving again. Amazing blue ski though, and the frost on the trees was absolutely incredible. Since Joe talked me into getting up early to take photos in the cold, I talked him into putting on some skis and being a model for me. That's Joe in the second photo carving a few tele turns for the camera (How do you like the depth of field in that one, Joe?). I'm going to shoot a few more things for Mt. Ashwabay through out the season, so keep your eyes peeled for more.