Saying Goodbye.

The problem with knowing incredible people is that sometimes they go away. And the vacuum that's left behind when they go is immense, and painful. I spent yesterday morning searching through my old photos for images of a friend who recently passed away. This is easily the worst part of being a photographer. In the last several years, Bjorn Norgaard ended up in front of my lens over and over. He was a skier, a dedicated environmentalist, and above all a loving friend with a kind soul. He always greeted the world, and me, with a warm smile.

Early on the morning of February 20, 2011, Bjorn was killed in a hit-and-run while skiing on Chequamegon Bay. The details of the accident are tragic and unclear, many questions remain, but the one certainty in the midst of that confusion is that Bjorn will be sorely missed. The world has lost a great presence, and we are all poorer for it. As I mourn his departure, my thoughts and prayers go out to his parents, his family, and all of his friends (of which there are many). In this sorrow, at least know that he touched more lives than you can ever imagine. We'll see you later on, Bjorn.