Races at Mt Ashwabay.

Covered the Ski and Snow board Races for Mt Ashwabay. There were some really talented young riders out there. I think pretty much everyone, including the middle school teams, would have put me to shame. To avoid the embarrassment, I opted to walk the hill instead. It was pretty inspirational to watch some of the racers though, I always like watching people push their limits.

For me and the camera it was also an exercise in pushing the limits of cold. Other than the usual cold fingers, I had the same problem as last time where the auto-focus started to freeze. Even before it stops working all together it lags behind a little and I start to get out of focus images. I ended up shooting in manual focus for a while, but that's awfully hard with athletes moving that fast. I need to find a better way to keep that from happening. Other than keeping it in my coat between shots (which is mucho inconvenient), I'm not sure what else to do. Is it crazy to make a sweater for your camera? Hmmm. Anyway, a couple more from the races: