Canoe & Kayak Magazine-Gail Green

This is Gail Green of Living Adventure, Inc. I photographed Gail for Canoe & Kayak Magazine earlier this winter, but I couldn't share the images here until they ran in print. It just appeared in the recent Beginners Guide issue as a two page spread featuring Gail as one of the premier guides in the country. It looked pretty sweet, and congratulations to Gail for the recognition. They actually used a slightly different image for the article, but this is my favorite. I love the water droplets in the air.

Not only is Gail a great guide, turns out she's a great subject too. We were scrambling to get this image before the ice came in this fall and, despite a crazy schedule, Gail found the time to don a dry suit and get out in a boat for these photos. I was shooting from in the water for these, floating in the lake in a dry suit the morning after the first big snow storm of the year. It actually wasn't as cold as I was expecting it to be, but I couldn't wear gloves and still access the controls on the camera. So I would get in the water, shoot a couple frames, climb out, warm up my hands, and get back in for a couple more. Gail was super patient, staying in her boat while I fumbled around, just waiting for me to get the right shot. Special thanks also to Gail's husband, Grant Herman, who held the light stand for me and helped me get equipment (and myself) up and down the icy boat ramp.

I love these sorts of assignments. Fun stuff to shoot. I'm still sitting on a few images from a couple other magazine assignments, just waiting for those issues to come out so I can show them here. Watch for more.