Claire Duquette-Ashland Daily Press


Over the last four years or so, I've worked with Claire Duquette, editor of the Ashland Daily Press, on a relatively regular basis. I submit the occasional photo, she throws me the occasional assignment. It's a good system. In a recent conversation, Claire mentioned that her headshot was getting a little out of date. So we set up a time to shoot something new. This was a simple, one-light set up in the press room at the ADP, an iconic "newspaper" setting. If you were going to run into somewhere and yell "Stop the Presses," this room is where you would want to do that. I have to resist that urge every time I walk through there. Anyway, start to finish the whole shoot took about 12 minutes, most of which was setup and tear-down, but the end result is a few great images that Claire can use next to her byline. I love these kinds of shoots: simple setup, quick turn-around, great final product. And it didn't hurt that Claire bought me lunch afterwards. Anyone else out there need a new headshot? Call me.