Embellishments-Wedding Dress Shoot.

 A quick frame from a wedding dress shoot for Embellishments Bridal and Gift in Ashland, Wisconsin. Thanks to Karen for the use of a beautiful dress for this shoot. I think we managed to keep it pretty clean, all things considered. Those that read this blog regularly will remember the model; I shot Tatiana's senior portraits early this fall. She did a great job on this shoot too. It's apparently becoming tradition that I ask Tatiana to do ridiculous things for photos. "Here stand in these mosquito infested woods and try to look happy while they suck out almost every drop of blood you have." "Okay, try to keep the train up while you walk out on the ice towards these pilings and, oh yeah, try to look warm." Bizarre as it may be, she guts it out and the photos seem to turn out pretty darn good. Watch for this and some other new images to start popping up in a few places around the area. More to come.