Jake & Bridget.

I don't shoot a lot of weddings anymore. There are a lot of reasons for that, not the least of which is the amount of time it takes to do it really well. The actual wedding, while still a lot of work, is really kind of the easy part. Then comes hours in front of a computer processing and sorting images, doing touch ups, ordering prints. It's a lot.

But every once in a while a wedding comes along that's just too interesting to pass up. That's how I ended up in the parking lot at Anglers All at 4:30 a.m. last Friday morning standing next to a man named "Big Jim" when he looked out at the lake and said, "It's a little lumpy out there."

That was accurate; it was lumpy out there. And at 5:10 a.m. we were scooting around the break wall at Second Landing and bashing our way through those exact lumps out to the light at the tip of Long Island for Jake & Bridget's wedding.

It was still cloudy when we left the landing and there was a pretty stiff breeze, but at the island, with the anchor down, and the bride and groom standing on the front deck, the sun poked through the clouds for a perfect dawn wedding followed by a little champagne on the beach. Congratulations, Jake and Bridget, not only on your recent nuptials, but also on having one of the most memorable weddings I've ever shot. Well done.

Special thanks also go out to Katie and Dave Gellatly of Solstice Outdoors for the use of their boat, which, for the record, I have re-christened the H.M.S. Awesome. You'd have been proud of me, Dave; I didn't even crash it into anything. Nothing big, anyway.


Joe & Greta.

After a couple crazy weeks including a trip to Voyageurs National Park, I'm finally processing photos from the last wedding of the season. Joe and Greta had a beautiful ceremony at Living Adventure, Inc. outside of Bayfield, Wisconsin, followed by an amazing dinner which promptly lead into a TOTALLY ROCKIN' DANCE PARTY (insert fist pump and high kick here. Yeah!) at the Bayfield Pavilion. Congratulations, you crazy kids.


Max & Lorraine.

Went down to Stillwater, MN this weekend to shoot my first wedding of the 2011 Season. Other than the tornado siren going off during their vows, the event was a smashing success. Great people, great party. Congratulations Max and Lorraine, I wish you a long and beautiful life together.

I also tried a new wedding photo experiment: a photo booth at the reception where people could snap their own portraits to give to the bride and groom. Two words: Frickin' Awesome. I started it out by just showing a couple people how to use it and asked them to show a couple more people. Word spread. By the end of the evening there were more than 300 priceless memories on the camera in the booth. Check out a couple below. I'm calling that experiment an unqualified success.


Embellishments-Wedding Dress Shoot.

 A quick frame from a wedding dress shoot for Embellishments Bridal and Gift in Ashland, Wisconsin. Thanks to Karen for the use of a beautiful dress for this shoot. I think we managed to keep it pretty clean, all things considered. Those that read this blog regularly will remember the model; I shot Tatiana's senior portraits early this fall. She did a great job on this shoot too. It's apparently becoming tradition that I ask Tatiana to do ridiculous things for photos. "Here stand in these mosquito infested woods and try to look happy while they suck out almost every drop of blood you have." "Okay, try to keep the train up while you walk out on the ice towards these pilings and, oh yeah, try to look warm." Bizarre as it may be, she guts it out and the photos seem to turn out pretty darn good. Watch for this and some other new images to start popping up in a few places around the area. More to come.